My rock n roll history.

I was born in 1962micke 4år 4 in the midst of the Beatles birth, so that I got stuck in the music swamp
is not so strange, I can remember my first LP record (piece of plastic with audio track that was played on a turntable). It was a collection record with rock n roll songs from the 50’s, thought it rocked fat and listened to it so my ears bled.

I listened and bought the records which I with a religious madman’s pertinacity studied
and fantasized about in my little world, when television showed the music I was like a sponge
and when Dad bought a VCR player, I recorded from SVT1 and svt2 (Swedich tv) and saw the music over and over again.
1978 my dad and mom bought me a drum set Maxvin by Pearl which I placed in
my boy room and began to play every spare moment. 1976 I went in 7th grade
and met guitarist and Queen enthusiast Peter Nole’r, we started playing, he and I in my boy room or in his garage, an illogical friendship Peter came from the wealthy neighborhood of Lindö in Norrköping, I’m from a working-class home in Herstaberg.

mikeyoung My room 1976.

Peking rock and blues band.
We rehearsed at mateusgården In Norrköping witch is Matteus church premises we
Got to use the auditorium on Sundays before church coffee which meant early Sunday
And you had to be there to warm up the aula PA we used for song facility
Remember my maxvin drum kits and dns, fbt amplifier and Georgas cool wa-wa with fuzz.

But we loved the music and it was our commonalities who put us together along with George Gustafsson on guitar and Micke Johansson on bass, Kerstin Elgenmark on drums, Hans peter nolér on guitar so we started Beijing rock and blues band, we played 50 ies rock, some kind of punk like The Tubes “I Saw Her Standing There” or Hurriganes (Finnish rock n roll band). I started on drums but after a while I was replaced by Kerstin on drums,
when it was sooooo obvious that I was a better singer than a drummer, but I held on for a good while with the drumming until I had enough and realized that I should probably keep on singing. 1978 I started at the trade school and one day as I sat and listened to my cassette walkman came a classmate, Nils, and took my headphones to listen, he looked at me and said this is not working, I´l take some tiles, you must listen to , which he did it was:
Thin Lizzy: Live and Dangerous Status Quo: Live, from the first few notes on Lizzy’s album, I was sold, Hard Rock had taken a hold of my soul. But I had never seen
a concert, but when Thin Lizzy came to visit, I went to Stockholm by bus, I stood in line into my mecca, I had stalls tickets and while waiting for the concert I ran to the front to check out all the cool gadgets.

When I was on the way to my seat light went down in the hall and a storming of the stage that was like a buffalo herd left me at the stage, smoke came down from the edge of the stage, Phil Lynnots voice was heard through the night “Are You Ready Stockholm” and with a smoke bomb of the larger variant started the concert, it was a religious moment that changed my life.

I was now firm and sure what I wanted to do, music was my thing and nothing could stop it. At this point I sang in a band called “black mushrooms” that played acdc cover songs and a Uriah Heep.
We had rehearsal space in Marielundsvägen at the youth center underground in the basement.

Black mushroom.
We played at some youth centers i have little memory of this band more than that we
Had fun and loved music, a memory, however, who sticks out is when Magnus “skalman” Pettersson
Would fix the light organ he had built, with his hand on the base and his other hand on the light organ, he got such a strong shock that he just collapsed. We pulled the cables and tried to wake him up,Then he lifts his head and says, “High Voltage” guys.

The youth center had this summer 1977 a summer concert where we played
and without that I was aware of it Anders Jensen drummer in the band
Dame Fortune was there listening, after the concert, he asked if I could imagine
to come and try a little singing with them as they were looking for a vocalist.
It was a big deal for me, they were locally famous as the bad boys but also
really good musicians so we decided a time for an audition.


I remember the first time I met Per Connman (Deflon) / guitar, Anders Jensen / drums, Roland Forsen / bass, Willy Langstedt / guitar it went well so so ,
We played some lizzy tracks and something they were working on but it didn’t work 100%.
But they gave me another chance the next day, Per wondered if I could some Zeppelin
songs. I could and then it happened “Magic” a thing that you as a musician only
experiencing a few times in life, everything else in the head just disappear and only here and now exists.
Willy Langstedt / guitar was fired and now started playing and rehearsing that would result in new original songs, which after about 6 months were recorded at stage and music studio in Norrköping for that time quite successfully. During the next 2 years, we played a lot live, often at Queens corner our regulars hang out, we also got a small record deal with a small company that was managed by two oddballs in Skärblacka outside Norrköping, we did some recordings and also promo gig at IKEA of all places. After 4 years of party, drugs,and rock n roll I stopped in the band who could have become something big, but with an experience richer and a strong desire to write music.

Dame Fortune.
Memories that stands out is when we played at Borgen Norrköping along with 30åriga kriget and
Some other bands, and when the bands would be paid was the organizer away that is “our general manager”
We had to sneak out with some weak promises that it woukd be fine. Later that night appeared
our manager up with our money that’s rock n roll. And when we would make a promogig at
IKEA in Linköping, when I and Per would fetch Jensa and Stork we were met by police and
little pieces of furniture, records, flowers and other items lying on the street. It is so that Jensa lived on the fourth floor had partied a bit with stork on the night before we were off to pla, here came Pers talent as a mediator between our boys and the police in handy when we had no time and were on their way to a gig. Once we were on location in Linköping, we did the gig, among furniture and frightened families. And going away from there Jensa and Stork changed the time cards for the workers have always wondered how their salary looked the month.


Big hozz and the animals.

1982, I was asked if I wanted to be in a Heavy Metal band that was based on the concept that it is possible to scare everyone into submission, of course I said yes, and I,Paul Marshall, Billy Johansson and Pelle Frimodig began writing songs and rehearse our own music which later came under the band name Big hozz and The Animals. In 1982 I also went to the Swedish army in Stockholm, which meant that playing was concentrated on the weekends when I was at home, which was not very often.

Symbolism in the music was always evil and all attributes were allowed, we played at the Skandia theater 82 a gig that lived long in the annuals of the local rock scene, depending on a cross that was smashed during the show. I can now reveal that there was very little planned with the piece, Pelle found the two boards in the premises and merged them into a cross and I wore it during the start of the concert, but it was not planned everything was spontaneously invented, minutes before the gig We had bombs planned in the show, but the cross was just a cool thing that became a giant gadget. We we’re approached by some free churches who thought that the symbolism was not preferable; it showed us just that we were on the right track.
I am absolutely convinced that we could have gotten something good done, we were one of the first few metal bands in Sweden, but there was no scene for it right then and we had to work a lot with the underground movement that existed then. A demo with the band was made in CWC studios in Norrköping but it was a dance band studio and the technique was not of the best quality and we had to be there in the late evening so we did not scare any dance band geeks who were nesting in the studio. We recorded a single with two songs in Jade music studios, but there exists only a sample copy of the single today. During the final phase of the band played various drummers, guitarists, etc. in the band, here’s a list of them: Gustav Liljeström: drums, Daniel Gese: drums, Anders Jensen: drums, Clas Vålberg: guitar. One last reincarnation of the band was under new name Tox. New demo was recorded in a studio in Finspång, and one last gig was at Marie Lund summer party in 1984.

Big hozz and The Animals.
So many crazy and funny stories from his time with Bhata but I remember one time
When we would play at the music bank together with Mats Ronander band, they were late for soundcheck and we put our things in place when the MRB appeared and the like big city assholes tore the whole scene and we had to stick to the floor in a corner, but now
we had enough enough. We went to the rehearsal room and got our own PA and did all our own
scene set on the floor of the audience, where we played at night our metal hard rock
no than’s to Ronander bandI it almost became an ugly scuffle
in the dressing room between the bands when “Malla” did not get some cigarettes and drinking our beer. Another time when we played in the same place I had an absolutely wonderful comment from
A punk rocker who leaned on the scene before the start and said “Be foul” just another day at

headline 85 Headline 1985.


I was now very tired of this music and started writing my own material, more in the style of American radio rock / pop and after a summer’s writing, I started looking and found musicians, Peter Ström – piano, synthesizer, organ, Bobby Johanson – drums
Björn Zerpe – bass. We started practasing and a three track demo was recorded in Finspång.
After a little while Bobby was replaced by Per-Anders Gustavsson on drums and Zerpe was replaced by Claes Jonzon on bass, we also added a guitarist Magnus Jonsson, we played live a lot and had ambitions of songwriting but it did not lift properly.
And after that we simply got tired of each other, which can happen when you are more of a friend’s driven project. I recorded a demo with my own songs, with hired musicians just to get the songs saved with: Björn Sahlin – Keyboards
Magnus Jonsson – Guitar, Pal Kebell – Bass, Magnus Hedin – vocals, technology, etc.


We played a lot of live and wrote songs the band ceased probably mostly because of my megalomania

A story that sticks out in my mind is when we would play at the Palace in Norrköping that was 1986 hot spot number 1 and we had to nag a lot to get a gig, when we got the gig was on a Saturday in January after the Christmas holidays. To this story is that it was a hard, cold winter and Magnus who played the guitar did his military service in the Navy in Stockholm, when he was frozen in Stockholm I had to take over and play all the guitar parts. The problem was that we were told two hours before showtime, I sat in a closet at the Palace and practiced guitar riffs and solos before we went on and played our gig crazy but with a little luck it went by.


new2 grand vision artikel

1986, I was asked if I wanted to participate in a project called the Grand Vision with Christer Björkholm on guitar, it resulted in a period with a lot of playing live because Christer also ran it as a cover band, who played for all who paid. The GV was: Christer Björkholm – Guitar, Daniel Gese – Drums, Michael Lövdalen – Keyboard, Johnny Nielsen – Bass. Later Johnny Nielsen left and Lars Hultman took over on bass. In this band circulated quite many musicians in and out many times because of Christer’s stubborn way, to not let the rest of us in the creative process, but in his defense, he wrote a lot of good music and a single was released in 1987.

zr artikel zr artikel i kerrang 87

1987 I saw Sleazy Roze play at Skandia Theatre in Norrköping during one of many rock events that Studiefrämjandet made under the 80’s. My spontaneous impression was that they were a skilled band but lacked a real singer, Wallentoft was and is a great frontman for a band but he can not sing. Now, I was asked by Per-Ove Johansson, who was the drummer in Sleazy, if I could sing on a demo
who would be sent to record labels to promote there music, as Wallentoft not hade the time right now. What I did not know was that the band felt just like me and was looking for a new singer for Sleazy, we recorded the demo in Linköping, because the band was from there and was a continuation of a band called Axewitch. After recording I was asked if I was interested in being involved in Sleazy and I can say that I was.

This band existed from 1987 to 2010 with various band members, much music was written and many hours were spent in both rehearsal and studio, unfortunately we played too little live and was bad at promote us, but it was a fun time and absolutely fabulous musician I had the privilege to play with, but we also became great friends after so many years together.

Members were:
Ralph Petersson – guitar, Magnus Jarl – guitar, Per-Ove Johansson – drums,
Denny Printz – bass, Me – vocals.
This lineup makes two singles: 1990 Single 1. Only one / She’s So Fine

ZR singel 1
1992 Single 2. Caution The Filling is hot / Riding High.

singel 2 front
Me – vocals, Mikael qvist – guitar, Per-Ove Johansson – drums,
Stefan Petersson – Bass.

The full-length CD: Caution The Filling ice threat was made in 1994 and mixed in
Rostinghouse studios in Malmö and was released on indi label owned by rostinghouse recording.



Name change from Sleazy Roze to: Sleazy 1996
Members 1996:
Me – vocals, Mikael qvist – guitar
Per-Ove Johansson – drums, Paul Marshall – Bass

This lineup makes two full length CD’s:
In due time in 2000 and Pandora’s Box 2004


New members of Sleazy 2005:
Me – vocals
Mikael qvist – guitar
Per-Ove Johansson – drums
Lars Hultman – bass

hot boys2

I stopped in Sleazy in 2010.

Big Hozz And The Animals regenerate and
Played on TV4 members were:
Me – vocals, Paul Marshall – Bass
Billy Johansson – guitar, Lars Jonsson – drums.
After a series of internal struggles it ended.



n697738559_1509159_1723186 n697738559_1509170_7896404

That same year, I got the question from my old band members in Headline
If i would be eager to play some cover songs of the west coast rock type.
I thought it was time to bury the hatchet between me and Peter,
we had been best friends but also worst enemies musically.
We then had not spoken to each other for ten years, but after a little abrasive and talking
it felt good and we could go ahead with the project. Now someone came up with the bright idea that everyone in the band could make a list of their favorite songs with American west coast rock. When we compared the lists, we saw that everyone had several songs with the group Journey, said and done, we decide we start a tribute band that only played Journey songs. This turned out to be a brilliant decision, we form the group Frontiers, which results in much live playing, we attended two years at the radio station Rock classics Battle of the tribute band in Stockholm, in which we got to secund place, both times. Had we won, we would have played at Sweden Rock Festival, which had been a boost for us as a band. We also played live on TV4 and received much praise and had a small but devoted fan base.
Members during this period were:
Me on vocals, Christer Leijdmark – Drums, Peter ström – Keyboard
Magnus Jonsson – Guitar, Clause Gauffin – Bass

Me on vocals, Christer Leijdmarkark – Drums, Peter ström – Keyboard
Magnus Jonsson – Guitar, Roger Hedin – Bass

The Poodles Nykoping 2007-03-02 mike
I saw an interview with the head of Louis de Geer Concert Hall where he was seeking
some local bands that could play in Flygeln Norrköping, we made contact and he become excited and a project took shape, where we together with Hartvig Gjesdals Ladies Choir to do a Journey tribute evening. Due to time constraints Magnus Jonsson could not participate on guitar, I ask my old crony from Dame Fortune Per Connman if had time and he said yes, after five rehearsals with choir and band the consert was made, unfortunately, my voice a little wheezy this evening but worked and we could feel the pride and relief that we got through this marathon.

Frontiers live at Flygeln Norrköping Sweden

Between 2007 and 2010 I sang in various cover bands.
as The covers later known as the BOB Band of Brothers

In The covers were members:
Me on vocals, Roger Hedin: Bass, Tommy Tirfing: Guitar, Peter Litzegård: Drums
Peter Power: Keyboard.
In B.o.B were members:
Me on vocals, Roger Hedin: Bass, Tommy Tirfing: Guitar, Peter Litzegård: Drums
Christer Leijdemark: Drums, Ulf Karlsson: Keyboard.

The covers B.O.B

2010 I took part in Talang 2010 on TV4,The Swedish version of AGT (America’s got talent) which was an exciting journey of discovery in television production and the wonderful world of tv, a world where everything is fake and artificial to look good on television, whose real job is to be so entertaining that advertising money come in to tv4 . Something that you, as silly musicians, are not quite ready for, after two trips and performances in front of a jury of Bert Karlsson, Charlotte Nilsson, Johan Pråmell. After the jury chose the 72 talents that had to go to the final audition, they would decide which 24 would get another chance in the semifinal. I did not go on to the semi, despite three green lights at the audition.


Just to go home and start over, I continued to work on a solo program with Journey’s songs and did a show at the Skandia theater in 2010.

bhata0132 logga2010 readdy band2xmicke Collage1 bw mix small bhata0125Antikt

Big Hozz And The Animals re-formed and members were:
Me – vocals, Paul Marshall – Bass
Billy Johansson – guitar, Lars Jonsson – drums
We begin recording what would become the cd: Born to Rock
With the sponsor money we could go into a professional studio and record songs.
We recorded 7 songs that still today has not been mixed when old ghosts began to appear from our past and sponsors withdrew after too much trouble. It was the third time we tried to work together and were now forced to realize that we can not work together, time to bury the corpse one last time.

We did a live gig at The crash in Norrköping 2012-05-05 but after this performance we went our separate ways, sad as the songs that were written were really good hard rock.
I was asked if I would be interested to be involved in a band yet baptized, who would write their own material in the style of symphonic hard rock with 70tals influences. We started with writing songs,
Grey Rabbit was now born the name came from our old age and the fact that it was Easter when we started playing together, everyone is around 50 except the drummer who is 40 years old. 2 songs is recorded to be on a compilation CD to be played on American radio.
Mikael Fredriksson: Vocals
Per Ramsby: Organ, piano, synthesizer
Lars Jonsson: Drums
Claes Kjellström: Guitar
Magnus Pettersson: Bass


Stopped singing in Gray Rabbit after a time of sickness

Started as singer in Frontiers Journey tribute band



As of know im solo again and waitning for the next big thing.


My Rock n’ roll life!

Big Hozz Archive sleazy roze5 sleazy roze1 musikbanken logga2010 readdy Mange mike lejongropen hinenburg göran hanqvist artikel2 hinenburg göran hanqvist artikel gv frontiers artikel2 frontiers artikel frontiers 94 dolls06 dolls live 83 dolls artikel DAME3 DAME2 bhata0019hymask BH5 BH4 BH2 bh artikel band2xmicke 171431_10150093853958560_2038728_o 169711_10150093853998560_7868112_o 165572_10150093853828560_2254422_n 163131_10150093853683560_3201156_n 2732_64894663559_697738559_1568221_6405276_n 17 15 09

Bands from my time as a musician in Norrköping Sweden.
Per Andersson Gideon
Christer Joseph Rhedin
Lena Andersson
Nina Andersson
As Ramsby
Day Westling
Pierre Moerlen
Åke Ziedén

The group was formed in Norrköping in 1982 by Per Gideon Andersson and Christer Joseph Rhedin. It began with Per and Christer put up a multimedia concert in Norrköping on the theme “A Tribute To The Music”. They wrote all the songs themselves, and began looking for band members. It became a big band, eleven members the most.
The band toured extensively including Germany and Holland.
In May 1987, conducted a concert together with the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra under the title Symphony Orchestra meets Tribute. After this mobilization group had lost its energy and decided to take a break.

Paragraf Pop
Willy Landstedt
Pelle Frimodig
George Lilie Sprig
Mike reverse ester
Peter A Hild Swedish pop

Grand Vision
Mikael Fredriksson
Mike Falana
Daniel Gese
Tommy Eklund
Johnny Nielsen
Lars Hultman
Michael Lövdalen.With
Christer Björkholm

Grand Vision came from Norrköping played between 1985 – 1992 with the members: Mikael Fredriksson, Mikael Falana, Daniel Gese, Tommy Eklund, Johnny Nielsen, Lars Hultman
Michael Lövdalen, Christer Björkholm Their only recording is a 2-track EP: Honor and glory which was released in 1988 by the CWC Records. Later, and after some line-up they played mostly cover songs, especially from Led Zeppelin.

Dame Fortune
Mikael Fredriksson
As Connman / Deflon
Roland Forsén
Anders Jensen

A heavy rock band from Norrkoping strongly influenced by Led Zeppelin. Some demos were recorded but Dame Fortune was more a live band than a studio band. The band mixed own material with Led Zeppelin covers.

Lars Boqvist
Stephen Wallman
Daniel Gese
Lars Hultman
Tomas Naeslund

Started in 1975 in Norrköping when schoolmates Lars Boquist (guitar) and Daniel Gese (drums) began playing together. In 1978 Lars Hultman (bass) joined and 1979 Stephen Wallman (guitar) joined. All four of the guys went to the same school. 1984 line-up was completed when the singer Tomas Naeslund joined.
A record deal was fixed with the Swedish record label Bear tracks music. The single Playing with fire / Take It or Leave It was released in summer, 1985.

Mikael Fredriksson
Peter Power
Bobby Johansson
Bear Zerpe
Magnus Jonsson
Claes Jonson
Per-Anders Gustavsson

American rock / pop two demos were recorded and they played much live.

Marshall Cane
Michael Williams
Morgan helmet
Mikael Blomqvist
Patrik Ekstedt
Steffe Petersson
Claes Wållberg
Johan Helander
Patrik Strömbäck
Peter Ekblom
Mattias Persson
Stefan Andersson
Mike Lazar
Hakan Sjöö
Chrille Fecht
Gustav Liljeström

Hard rock / glam / AOR

Larry Hallberg
P-O Persson
Kenneth Ekblad
Robert Jobring
Bone Nyberg

Later became Benny and The bangers Norrköpings Cover kings.

Big Hozz and The Animals
Mikael Fredriksson
Paul Marshall
Billy Johansson
Pelle Frimodig
Lars Johnsson
Claes Wållberg

The band did some demos and a single that was never released
This was a big heavy metal experience to see live.

Fresh Air
Bertil Jonsson
Ebba Westerberg
Kenneth Astrand
Michael Falana
Ulf Hellerstedt
January Rånnerström
Peter Wang Mountains

Fresh Air was developed from the band Dreams world with band members as Magnus Sandberg (bass and vocals), Per Landon (guitar), Juha Hiltula (guitar) Hasse Persson (drums), and I Kenneth Åstrand (keyboards and vocals). This must have been around 1980. They had some gigs and played almost anything that resembled pop / popjazz in the beginning. There was a lot of turnover of people at that time and by, and Juha, as Hasse Persson finished and in came Staffan Hubner on drums and Ulf Hellerstedt on guitar. Also Willy Landstedt, guitar, was for a while on the train. Our music began increasingly to develop in a progressive, symphonic, direction, something that became even more significantly as Bertil Jonson (RIP) from Pandora went into the band instead of Staffan H. Fresh Air started now become a very musical band with talented musicians . Even our new singer Michael Falana, Ebba Westerberg (flute, etc.) and Peter Wagnberg on drums, who brought to our German tour in 1984 contributed significantly to this. It was during 1983-85 as Fresh air was at its peak, recorded two demo tapes and went on tours in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. The now well-known Volkert Koopmans, FK Scorpio, owner of Bråvalla Festival and others, was the manager.

The Dolls
Mikael Fredriksson
Hans Karlsson
Michael Wester Back
Pelle Frimodig

Party Band.

Lady Bianco
1986 – 1987
Mika Selander
Sonja Santoro
Jocke Salinder
Mike Falan

Disco / pop / soul.

The Foundation
Johan Berlin
Jerker Hårdänge
Roger Hedin
January Ronnerström

Did a disc 1984 Departure
Bad Bones
Morgan Hellman
Michael Thomsen
Stefan Andersson
Patrik Johansson
Rock Express
Claes Kjellström
Magnus Pettersson
Peter Junhav
Dr Henriksson
Tabbe Pettersson
Nicklas Karlsson
Benny And The Bangers

Bone Nyberg
Roger Andersson
Hans Karlsson
Marten Hagelin
George Gustafsson

Cover kings

Gideon Andersson
Peter Wagnberg
Bjorn Magnusson

You could say that Atranca hit like a bomb in Norrköping after a gig in Vasa Park arranged by Pandora. Pandora who at the time was the largest and most established band was just blown away. Atrancas music was instrumental and was written by Per and Gideon. A kind of embryo of what would later become Tribute. The songs, or pieces, that Gideon would put it was that long stories. Might be called symphonic rock with fokliga elements. I stood for the symphonic, Gideon for a little more fokliga. All performed in a furious pace which demanded much of all musicians.

Bertil Jonsson
Urban Götling
Peter Hjelm
Janne Dockner
Bjorn Malmqvist

Founded in 1971 in Norrköping by drummer Bertil Jonsson and guitarist Urban Götling, later came singer Peter Hjelm, pianist Jamie “Flojda” Dockner and bassist Bjorn Malmqvist. Götling was replaced early by Åke Rolf (formerly H 2 O) and Leif Hellqvist. This line-up recorded the LP ‘Measures of Time “in 1974, which today is a very difficult found symphonic gem.

Hindenburg Express
Goran Hanqvist
Peter Hjelm
Bertil Jonsson
Ulf Lundblad

Led Zeppelin cover band.

The brothers Bernts
Marten Hagelin
Peter A Hild
Tomas Skinnar
Mikael Henriksson

Pajen flyger
Pontus nibble
Tomas Skinnar
Paul Wang Mountains
Peter A Hild

Aggressiva kostymer
Johan Hallgren
Per Hammarström
Urban Lindqvist
Krister Borg
Peter Safe
Michael Falana
Joakim Lind

Punk Rock 1977-81

Floyd and the boy’s
Jan Eric Dockner
Ulf Lundblad
Benny Farm Falk
Janne Torstensson
Uffe Stern
Pelle Lundblad

Per-Ove Johansson
Peter Mansson
Kecke Ringman
Peter Junhav

Progresive rock ala Genesis

Cod Lovers
Niklas Barve
Johan Hallgren
Johan Skaneby
Johan Wallin

Sister James
Ulf Olsson
Ola Hermansson
Percy Rehnholm
Steffe Andersson

Jocke Salinder
Jan Karlsson
Pelle Johansson
Mats Nilsson

Norrköpings reggae kings

23 Till
Janne Abrahamsson
Mike Philblad
Pär Andersson

Sonic Surf City
Teffe Andersson
Ola Hermansson
Mike Thomsen

Rock Flames
Nils Svensson
Mikael Eliasson
Ronny Johansson
Rogga Larsson
Janne Björnis

Robert Haglund
Johan Berlin
Lasse Johnsson
Roger Westerbergh

Spader ess
Anders Holmberg
Anders Rosenqvist
Uffe Gran hob
Roger Durnberger
Janne Erlandsson
Johan Berger Falk

Spader ess. VeckoRevyn had a rock band competition, 80s star. They won and was playing at Gröna Lund 11000 in the audience. Before they were golden times and after each Owl …. you’ve probably seen more of the Golden Owl and so here afterwards

Cafe Japan
Roger Andersson
George Gustafsson
Arne Hedberg
Per Karlsson
Kenth Schmidt
Christina Soderberg
Peter Thorell
Bengt Nyberg
Magnus Schulin

1979-1984 was formed by schoolmates George “Georga” Gustafsson, Magnus “Manne” Schulin, Peter Thorell and Christina “Kickie” Söderbärg in the late 70s. Got Roger “Rogga” Andersson buy when enlisted drummer Kenth “Kentha” Schmidt. Kentha ended early and was replaced by Per “Bob” Smith on drums. This line did a number of local gigs, including opening for Mats Ronander before Peter stopped and Kickie moved to Stockholm to study. In Kickies absence began Rogga more and more taking over vocal mic. Kickie enlisted harmonica player Arne “Chili Conc-Arne” Hedberg and this lineup played among other things related to Totta Bluesband. 1983 (?) Was a guest Bengt “Benka” Nyberg on vocals and “South” on the organ. On Kentha Schmidt’s 40th birthday party band reunited temporarily a few years before Roggas tragic death in 2007.